ECP Plus Paint & Fabric Protection

ECP INCORPORATED AND ITS affiliates corrosion inhibiting and specially coating meet and exceed the stringent requirements of the United States Military and many vehicle manufacturers.
■ The next generation in protection
■ Where concepts become reality
■ Upgraded Interior Protection includes Headliners,Factory Floor Mats and most everywhere in between.Protect your vehicle’s interior from most Stains Rips ,Tears,Punches & Burns.
■ New product Innovations providing coverages never before offered.
     ● Windshield protection,Alloy wheel protection,Dent protection, Headlight lens protection,Black molding & Trim protection
     ● Industry leading new and used vehicle coverages
         ○ New vehicle coverage
                ■ Current plus 5 models years
         ○ 7 Full Years
                ■ Full repair,Replacement Repainting plus Rips,Tears,Punctures & Burns
       ○ PreDriven Vehicle coverage
                ■ Vehicle 6 models years and older
      ○ 7 Full Years
                ■ Professional Detailing of painted surfaces
    ● Wetsanding,Buffing,Polishing,Reapplication
      ○ 7 Full Years
                ■ Professional Cleaning of interiors
    ● Stain Removal,Cleaning,ReDying if unable to remove
    ● Including repair of Rips,Tears,Punctures & Burns
       ○ Not all coverages are the same!
               ■ Fully insured warranties
               ■ Rips & Tears up to 6” in length
               ■ Punctures & Burns up to 1” in diameter
               ■ Seats,Carpeting,Dash,Console,Visors,Door Panels,Headlines & Factory Floor Mats
               ■ Not Limited to Environmental Damage
      ○ Product Driven
               ■ Professionally applied
      ○ Finance Department Evaluation
               ■ GSFSGroup will evaluate your finance department to identify performancestr engths and specific areas for improvement.We strongly believe a customized approach for each dealer is the practice to follow.Our comprehensive evaluation will require two to three days depending on the size of the dealership.
               ■ The GSFSGroup Finance Evaluation will cover the following
                      ● Department performance
                      ● Product priorities
                      ● Compensation alignment
                      ● Finance sales process
                      ● Sales process as it relates to finance
                      ● Management
                      ● Production
                      ● Selling tools
                      ● Staffing and organizational structure
                      ● Skill assessment
       ○ Finance Department Review Meeting
             ■ Following the comprehensive Evaluation GSFS will meet with the Dealer/General Manager to review the following .
                      ● Revenue opportunities
                      ● Dealership processes
                      ● Department goals
                      ● Action plan
            ■ Consulting Fees
                       ● OnSite Departmental EvaluationTravel and lodging related expenses